Wednesday, 23 May 2012


desk in the attic

bead rings

basement studio..

my kiln


diy scrap-yard sink!
I work from a few different places..that's how I knew that an office-desk-one place kinda job would drive me craaazy!!
My main studio space where I get most of my piercing, sanding, filing and enamelling done - which is in the basement of our house, (as you can see from image 2 onwards.) The lighting isn't brill but I have my own space!! Every now and again i'll get some work done on the desk in my room..where the lighting is perfect..attic room with loads a windows!!

I am also a workshop assistant at Kriket Broadhurst's studio - The Beaumaris Jewellery Studio. This is probably the day of the week that I really look forward to the most, a lovely jewellery gallery/shop that has beautiful work in there, located in a gorgeous seaside village in North Wales...and a workshop at the back, where I get all my soldering done. 

For the past couple of months I have been involved with a great new project 'creu' : a group of seven artists/makers etc. Together we will be running a workshop/gallery unit in Glynllifon at the weekends...(sooo I will also be working from there in a few weeks!)..I'm really looking forward to this, working alongside other creative individuals, in yet again another gorgeous location!! Will post some more info on this soon... xxx night!

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