Wednesday, 23 May 2012


desk in the attic

bead rings

basement studio..

my kiln


diy scrap-yard sink!
I work from a few different places..that's how I knew that an office-desk-one place kinda job would drive me craaazy!!
My main studio space where I get most of my piercing, sanding, filing and enamelling done - which is in the basement of our house, (as you can see from image 2 onwards.) The lighting isn't brill but I have my own space!! Every now and again i'll get some work done on the desk in my room..where the lighting is perfect..attic room with loads a windows!!

I am also a workshop assistant at Kriket Broadhurst's studio - The Beaumaris Jewellery Studio. This is probably the day of the week that I really look forward to the most, a lovely jewellery gallery/shop that has beautiful work in there, located in a gorgeous seaside village in North Wales...and a workshop at the back, where I get all my soldering done. 

For the past couple of months I have been involved with a great new project 'creu' : a group of seven artists/makers etc. Together we will be running a workshop/gallery unit in Glynllifon at the weekends...(sooo I will also be working from there in a few weeks!)..I'm really looking forward to this, working alongside other creative individuals, in yet again another gorgeous location!! Will post some more info on this soon... xxx night!

Friday, 18 May 2012

hearts & circles

Latest  / new-ish pieces of work :) sterling silver, copper and enamel.
Photos by Fiona Pitts of Sugar for my Honey blog :